Film Clips


Judith Braun, a 60-something veteran Manhattan artist, designs an enormous “finger painting” while discussing her creative process and her decision to enter ArtPrize.

ArtPrize director Kevin Buist explains the city wide contest’s origins and how it eliminates gatekeepers.

Michael Townsend and Leah Smith of Rhode Island use painters tape to create elaborate scenes on the side of a Grand Rapids building – their ArtPrize entry – and explain their methods to a group of school children.

ArtPrize director Kevin Buist puzzles out why the general public loves an enormous sparkly tree entered in the art contest and discusses how art can teach critical thinking skills.

NYC artist Judith Braun repeats a short speech about her painting to the crowds passing through during ArtPrize and describes how people stare up at it and ask the same questions over and over.

Christian artist and veteran John Katerberg tries to draw an audience for his “message” painting and acknowledges he’s not likely to win any prizes at ArtPrize but that’s okay with him.