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“A thoughtful exploration of the big ideas .. it’s also an intimate glimpse into the personalities, work ethic and philosophies of a few artists, which is the kind of stuff that often gets lost.”

MLive – Michigan Local News (Full review)

Jody Hassett Sanchez’s doc takes a different, more appreciated tack, simply chronicling how ArtPrize has turned Grand Rapids into an unlikely cultural destination, and what the annual event means for those perhaps held back by the traditional arts gatekeepers.”

The Globe and Mail (Full review)

“Supremely entertaining throughout and building genuine tension as the competition nears its conclusion, Sanchez has made a crowd pleasing film with More Art Upstairs, but one that also slyly asks the viewer to think critically about what they’re seeing.”

— Andrew Parker, Toronto Film Scene (Full review)

Jody Hassett-Sanchez successfully evokes the tensions between art snobs – like the organizers seen almost rolling their eyes as the public votes roll in or the bitter losers bemoaning the results – and Joe and Jane Public, who tend to go for the pretty stuff.”

— Susan G. Cole, NOW (Full review)

 “The film gave me a chance to revisit that memory. I reconnected, once again, to that unique experience. So unique that perhaps ArtPrize has unlocked something that connects more with me than anything currently offered in the Art world.”

— Jeffrey Augustine Songco, cultured.GR (Full review)